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                            Excellent availability · Competitive pricing · Organic products OCS-certified ·

                            Central warehouse and distribution center in Europe · Strict quality checks · Own local CSR team

                            Corporate Social Responsibility  ·  Recycled  Material  ·  Own  local Quality Control team

                                             amfori BSCI compliant · OEKO-TEX  Standard 100 ·

                                              RECYCLED MATERIAL

                  Our organic styles are made of  Our recycled polyester offers high-quality   Our textile articles and components have  Member of amfori, the leading global business  All our articles are subject to strict quality
              100% OCS-certified organic ring-spun cotton;   characteristics but with a smaller environmental   been tested for harmful substances,  association for open and sustainable trade.  controls. With our own quality management
               certified by Control Union Certifications  footprint, keeping plastics from going to  assuring high product safety. Currently  We improve the social performance of our  team on site, we ensure that our high demands
                      (CU 819645).               landfills and our oceans.  not certified, but produced according to  supply chain via amfori BSCI.  on material and product properties are met in
                                                                            the same strict specifications:                         production. The SPQ seal thus stands reliably for
                                                                              Biker and Quilted Jackets.                              tested high quality, which you can trust!
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