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            Stedman  Highlights in 2020

            Print it. Wear it. Like it.

            Recycled                                           Organic Cotton                                    Unisex

              It’s time to make a change. As one of the         Because we care. Our super soft organic           Clothing that caters to everyone by

              first in our market, we have decided to           T-shirts are made of 100% OCS-certified           not keeping things limited and one-
              take a step towards more eco-friendly             organic cotton, grown without the use             dimensional. With fashion trends like

              sportswear production. With our new               of toxic and persistent pesticides and            “boyfriend style” and oversized casual
              styles made from recycled plastic bottles,        fertilizers. A sustainable, eco-friendly          cuts, the demand for fashion not focused

              we can make our small contribution                cultivation contributes to the protection         on gender is higher than ever. We are
              to reducing the environmental impact              and conservation of our water resources,          excited about our expanding gender

              caused by polyester production. More              to the regeneration and improvement of            neutral fashion range in 2020.
              information on page 4.                            soil fertility and to the protection of our

                                                                planet in general.
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